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Pavel Durov has accused Apple and Google in the largest-ever fraud

The founder “Vkontakte” and the Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov said that Apple and Google “can be a part of the largest in the history of mankind case of fraud against consumers”, as read and listen to the calls and relay the contents to law enforcement agencies in different countries.

Durov said that in the Telegram recently have the ability to make encrypted calls are completely confidential and secure. Unlike other services, which transmit information to law enforcement authorities.

“The Telegram has historically had problems with regulators in some parts of the world because unlike other services, we have consistently protected the privacy of our users and never make deals with governments. For three and a half years of its existence, the Telegram gave exactly 0 bytes of user information to third parties,” – said Durov.

The businessman explained that for these reasons, in Saudi Arabia, the Telegram traffic jammed, and in China, Oman and Iran, the service is blocked. On the other hand, services such as WhatsApp, do not have such problems in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries with censorship. This is because WhatsApp and Facebook sell the users ‘ trust in order to increase market share.

“The statement that “WhatsApp and anyone else can read or listen to your messages and calls”, is absolutely wrong. In fact, WhatsApp can read and listen to your calls and messages, since the ability to silently change the encryption keys for 99.99% of its users,” – said Durov.

According to him, other companies such as Apple and Google have direct access to the correspondences history of WhatsApp by allowing third-party backups. As companies are forced to deal with requests for access to data, this information is passed on.

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“Expressing its security, our competitors may be involved in the largest in the history of mankind case of fraud against consumers”, – said Durov.

Telegram uses end-to-end encryption and embedded encrypted and distributed cloud for messaging, and multimedia. Corresponding to the decryption keys is divided into parts and distributed across different jurisdictions, which makes the user data in the cloud more secure and safe than when they are stored at Google, Facebook or Apple.

“It is not surprising that the authorities and regulators dissatisfied with the Telegram. Well, let them block the way they want. We will not change our principles and betray our users. I know that is not very good, when Telegram (or individual services) are prohibited in your country. But sometimes it’s better to completely stop using the service than to continue to use it despite the undermined confidence in security,” concluded the actor.

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