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Pavel Durov explained how the intelligence agencies have access to instant messengers on iOS and Android

The Creator of the secure messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, told how U.S. intelligence agencies can access mobile applications. The article with the clarification he posted on his official website.

According to Durov, the hackers of the CIA can’t crack apps for encrypted communication, such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Signal. However, they use known vulnerabilities in operating systems for iOS and Android. According to the metaphor of culture is the apps like Telegram is fortified and protected the castle, but he stood on the mount (device), full the secret underground passages, a map of which is the CIA.

The security services can hack the device directly, and from there to access audio and video files, as well as the keyboard on which you enter the message, so to speak, to spy with a secret passage.

Durov has reassured users Telegram from the fact that all of them “listens” to the CIA. He said while the immediate threat is only for those who already suspicion the American intelligence services.

The businessman believes that the major developers of operating systems and devices such Google and Apple should start to eliminate their vulnerability.

According to Durov, Wikileaks said that a map of these vulnerabilities, which they called “Year Zero”, they have, but have not yet been published. Wikileaks staff want to learn it to then make the decision whether or not to betray this “cyber weapon” of the CIA public.

On the eve of the Wikileaks has published about 9,000 classified documents about work of intelligence services. The authors claim that the CIA and MI6 is able to exploit vulnerabilities iPhone, Android devices and Samsung TVs listening to conversations and can obtain information from a protected messengers.

Commenting on the publication of Wikileaks, Apple has announced that shut down most of the vulnerabilities that were used by the US intelligence services and recommended that users of iOS devices to quickly install the updates.

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