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Pavel Durov called “Trojan” system interception of communications in the Telegram

Yesterday MacDigger wrote about the emergence of a system of interception of communications Telegram to “listen” to other people’s posts in the messenger. The developer of the technology is a Russian company Falcongaze. The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov commented on the product launch, calling it a “Trojan”.

Recall that in Falcongaze has announced the implementation of the technology of interception of communications in the building. – SecureTower allows monitoring of chat between users, as well as in groups – conferences with number of participants more than two people. In addition to the incoming and outgoing text messages, the utility shall intercept voice messages, and sent all files, including images and videos.

In response to the request of users to comment on the announcement of SecureTower Pavel Durov said that this system is not able to automatically intercept other people’s posts, and for “wiretapping” the user is supposed to be a special application.

“Someone please explain that to “intercept” on the device, sacrifices must be voluntarily installed from a Trojan Falcongaz”, – wrote Durov on his Twitter.

Representatives of Falcongaze commented on the statement of the Telegram. According to them, the word “Trojan” in this case should not apply, since the app is “completely legitimate.”

“Pavel Durov put it absolutely right in terms of what correspondence is intercepted exclusively with employee computers have an agent installed Make. The words “sacrifice” and “Trojan horse”, of course, is not entirely applicable to the situation ? Our absolutely legitimate, we are working in the corporate sector and not engaged in industrial espionage

We have implemented the control function of solely the desktop version. On desktop computers the agent is installed SecureTower, which enables the interception of communications in the messenger,” Falcongaze said in the review VC.

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