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Pavel Astakhov has urged parents not to entrust the education of their children iPad

Parents should pay more attention to the education of children, and not to shift this task on the iPad. This was announced on air of RSN Commissioner for the rights of the child under the RF President Pavel Astakhov.

“We need to work seriously, to bring up children. I just have my youngest reaches to your iPad, computer, phone and so on. Need to talk, something else to replace,” said the Ombudsman.

“We have no time, we’re all in a hurry, we have career, we have fellowship, and so on. We are all very busy people, and no children, therefore child and raised by TV and computer. Pay attention to this. If you don’t educate, then the iPad your child brings good and nothing good is not over,” said Astakhov.

He spoke out against the ban on certain computer games. “Let us sonderhausen going to be. All the time we tend to Sundaram, already divorced them”, – said Astakhov.

This statement, the Ombudsman made in connection with the calls to ban video games after the tragic event that occurred in October of last year. Then 15-year-old teenager killed his mother and wounded his father because they forbade him from playing World of Warcraft. According to investigators, the boy got an f in school, then my parents decided for some time to deprive him of games. In response, the teenager took a knife and inflicted several blows to the father and mother.

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