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Patent Troll sued Apple for voice messages in iMessage

Apple can recognize guilty of patent infringement, another American company that does not consider itself a patent Troll, although by all indications it is.

Company Seatoun Media filed in the District court of Texas lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of patent infringement. The plaintiff alleges that “Apple” giant has violated a patent from 2002, and requires compensation based on the number of sold iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Seatoun Media claims that Apple has violated the patent in iMessage service, which allows owners of Apple devices (including computers) free to exchange text messages via the Internet. A patent issued by the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States called “Voice messengerby processor, the methods and device recording/playback” and describes, ironically, a legacy device for retailers.

System messaging iMessage takes place between two owners, each of whom writes with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, and provides for the sending of voice recordings. Seatoun Media technology described in the patent of 2002, also describes the transmission of voice messages, although in this case we are talking about the fixture for the remote ordering of products. In this mechanism, the Complainant asserts that Apple violated its patents.

Seatoun Media to assure that you are not a patent Troll. The so-called firms, which buy patents and then make money off of them, spinning manufacturers on license agreements and threatening prosecution.

And yet the plaintiff has called it a patent Troll. The company is not engaged in any activity to attract profits. And the patent, infringement of which it has accused Apple was previously owned by the firm Voice Express Corporation, and was purchased Seatoun Media, as expected, especially for filing a lawsuit against the iPhone maker.

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