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Patent Troll, Apple otsudili $368 million for violating patents in FaceTime, demanded $532 million for iMessage

Apple must pay compensation for the use of patented technologies in the development of messenger iMessage. With such statement the court asked the company VirnetX, demanding that the “Apple” giant $532 million

VirnetX accuses Apple of violating several patents. They describe aspects of technology VPN (virtual private network, virtual private network). Using a VPN can be combined into a closed network of computers connected to the Internet or to another network. The technology described in the patents, Apple has activated the iMessage service. It allows owners of smartphones iPhone, iPad tablet and Mac computers to exchange messages.

On approval of the VirnetX patented its technology was developed by SAIC for the CIA USA. Subsequently, the staff SAIC and VirnetX created.

As far as information about the VirnetX patents, allegedly obtained for the development for the CIA, true – the question is moot. More often the company called a “patent Troll”, and most of the information on its official website is somehow connected with the judicial processes.

The term “patent Troll” has been used in recent years to describe physical and legal persons, turned aggressive filing of patent lawsuits in the way of earnings and a separate business. Originally an employee of Intel, introduced into circulation the term, used the term “patent extortionist”, but it is not widely received.

Themselves “trolls” prefer to be called as patent dealers, non-practicing entities, or patent holders of non-productive traders just patents.

In addition to Apple, VirnetX deals with patent disputes with Cisco Systems, as well as several smaller companies. In 2010, she won a lawsuit against the Microsoft and obliged the company to pay a $200 million Two years later, VirnetX sued Apple for $368 million for using its patented technologies when developing the service FaceTime. Initially, the plaintiff insisted on payment of $700 million.

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Apple has not officially commented on the new statement of appeal VirnetX.

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