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Patch from Cydia closes a vulnerability in iOS that allows you to restart the iPhone or iPad text message

This week it was revealed that in iOS there is a critical vulnerability that allows you to reload someone else’s smartphone plain text message. Apple confirmed the presence of a bug, noting that working on the update. Exactly when the company will release a fix, unknown, and users are advised to disable a number of iOS features to prevent errors zloumyshlennikami. Jailbreak developers have proposed a patch that allows you to close the vulnerability iOS 8 without waiting for the release of incremental updates.

According to user complaints, when receiving via iMessage or SMS of a specific set of characters, in particular Arabic, the phone goes to respring — reboot the system, which is responsible for displaying the desktop and run other programs.

A system restart will be repeated with any reference to iMessage until the user responds to the received message or does not receive a new one. To send it yourself, you can use the voice assistant Siri or the “Share” function in any application.

If the same text stop working and other apps on the iPhone and iPad, for example — the mobile client social network “Vkontakte”.

In technical support, Apple said that they know about this problem and are working on fixing it. Right now the users of iPhone and iPad with jailbreak it is recommended to install from Cydia packages UnicodeSuppressor or IneffectivePower. The first patch removes the use of a bug in the iMessage app. The second package is a more comprehensive solution, it eliminates the problem at the operating system level.

Set UnicodeSuppressor via iFile, click on this link or waiting for the release in Cydia. Patch IneffectivePower can be found in a separate repository

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