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Password Manager – the most underrated feature of iOS 11

Thanks to a new feature in iOS 11 you’ll never have to remember passwords for applications and websites.

iPhone and iPad after upgrading to iOS 11 will receive analog applications “Bunch of keys” built into the system settings and working with the standard keyboard.

Every time you interact with a field for entering passwords system keyboard will offer pertinent data. All passwords are protected by the code of your device or fingerprint, if it is enabled.

Those users who have already used the “Bunch of keys” in Safari, you will notice that the updated password vault includes a lot of data. The fact that their base is automatically updated when you use the “keychain” on a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Password managers are gradually gaining popularity, as they allow not to suffer with their memorization and thus to be protected in the network. Almost always, these tools require that users create more complex, intricate, and most importantly, different passwords.

Despite the fact that the built-in password Manager is free and available to all owners of Apple devices, other more advanced managers, is unlikely to lose your audience. Perhaps, on the contrary, ordinary people will become familiar with how this tool works and move to specialized, more secure solution.

IOS 11 will be held along with the announcement of the new iPhone on September 12.

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