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Pangu Team has announced in Shanghai jailbreak for iOS 8.3

Chinese hackers Pangu Team has demonstrated the tools to perform jailbreak iOS 8.3 – relevant operating system for iPhone and iPad. The presentation of the exploit took place in the conference on security MOSEC 2015 in Shanghai.

As reported by EvilPenguin, Chinese developers at the event described the mechanism hacking the operating system and showed ready tools to jailbreak. It is alleged that the developers have managed to bypass the security mechanisms of iOS 8.3 for all devices, including the flagship iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. Created by hackers exploit works by several vulnerabilities allowing to execute arbitrary code and install it on your device the Cydia store.

Jailbreak for iOS 8.3 should appear in the public domain in the near future. According to Pangu Team, the team will not wait for iOS 9 and intends to make a release immediately after the final release of iOS 8.4. Last rumored to debut before the end of this month.

As for iOS 9, the Pangu Team has some doubts that the operating system will quickly be hacked. In order to prevent the penetration of malicious code, to enhance security and ensure the safety of confidential data, Apple has implemented in OS new technology Rootless, which will close even users with administrative rights access to protected files. The initiative aims to strike at the jailbreak community users.

Details regarding Rootless are not presented, in General terms, the principle is that all the important files of the operating system will be completely closed for modification by any third-party applications. As planned by Apple, this should make iOS more resistant to tampering and to increase the level of security. And here is how the new mobile platform will be sustainable before jailbreaking, time will tell. At the moment, one thing is clear: the information about “absolute protection” will only stir up the interest of hackers.

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