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Pangu has delayed the release of the jailbreak before iOS 9.2

It’s no secret that Apple has blocked the Pangu jailbreak in iOS update 9.1, which debuted on October 21. The company has eliminated the vulnerabilities that were used by hackers to create a jailbreak exploit Pangu9. As it became known, the hackers managed to find the antidote, but he will be released not before debuting the final version of iOS 9.2.

Since the iOS update 9.2 is in the final stages of testing, to do a release right now is impractical. It is quite obvious that the Apple experts are well aware who is the direct Creator of Pangu9 and what vulnerabilities it will be used. The company will close the gaps in the next beta update and the final version of iOS 9.2 will be released with protection against exploits.

At the moment, the hackers of Pangu complete the development of exploits for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and plan to do the release after the release of iOS 9.2. However in what time frame will the exploit was not reported. It is only known that the development of the exploit is for Windows operating system, so the jailbreak will come out first for this OS. Mac owners can pre-set the virtual machine according to the instructions here.

At the moment, after upgrading to iOS 9.1 iPhone and iPad users can’t install Cydia on the device. The timing of the public release version of iOS 9.2 data are not yet available. The next fourth Assembly today failed. It is not excluded that iOS 9.2 beta 3 will be the last test release before we released the final version of the update.

The final list of changes that will bring iOS 9.2, is still unknown. In its current version, the update fixes a number of bugs and improves performance. The main innovation is the software component upgrade Safari View Controller and NumberSync that allows you to receive calls and initiate them from any approved device over the Internet.

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