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Panel Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro will work in Windows, but in a restricted mode

Among MacBook owners can often find users who are using Boot Camp to put Windows on the laptops. After the recent presentation of Apple, they have become interested in whether the panel Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro operating system from Microsoft. The answer to this question was given by senior Vice President of Apple’s software, Craig Federighi, in private correspondence with one of the Mac users.

Someone named Abraham sent a letter to Craig federighi to clarify the situation on this issue. The response was immediate, and proved to be satisfactory – Touch Bar works with Windows via Boot Camp.

“Craig, am I right in assuming that the Touch Bar will turn into a series of function keys when using Windows through Boot Camp,” wrote Abraham.

“Yes, all right,” said Federighi.

Touch panel touch Bar in the macOS environment provides quick access to the right currently controls the system and applications like Mail, Finder, Numbers, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro X and others. For example, on a Touch panel Bar can display tabs and favorites in Safari, emoticons in Messages, editing tools, photos, and scroll through the videos, Pictures and more.

From the response Federighi follows that on Windows the panel Touch Bar will work as standard function keys F1-F12, including the Esc button. Would it be possible to use other features of the touch screen, such as buttons control the system, adjust the volume and brightness, is still unknown. Software power button that apparently will work, but without the support of Touch ID.

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