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Pakistani Apple fans know how to celebrate the purchase of a new iPhone [video]

You or your friends ever said buying a new smartphone? A resident of the province of Punjab in Pakistan threw a party after he became the owner of a new iPhone 7.

Hafiz Vacas of Muzammil decided to celebrate this event with a noisy party with friends. Photos and video of the event quickly spread on social networks.

New owner of a smartphone attracted the attention of the public announcement in the newspaper in which it was a party in honor of buying an iPhone 7 Plus. Friends of the owner of “Apple” gadget joined in the celebration with drums and festive clothing. The very same Muzammil filmed it on his phone.

The ad said: “We congratulate the Hafiz Vacas Muzammil with the purchase of iPhone 7 Plus”.

It is unclear why Muzammil friends decided to celebrate the purchase of the phone that way. In any case it is good advertising for Apple, as the story about this party was even broadcast on local television.

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