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Pac-Man launched on the touchpad of the new MacBook Pro [video]

The appearance panel Touch Bar MacBook Pro has caused heated arguments among users, but hardly anyone could think that this very panel can be used to run the games.

For the modern enthusiast programmers, the launch of the arcade classic Pac-Man on any device not designed for gaming, has become a real challenge. But if you consider the fact that the touchpad of the new MacBook runs on the same operating system, and Apple Watch, the developers had no reason to circumvent it. At this time the distinguished programmer Henry Frank, ran Pac-Man on the touchpad of the laptop and showing it all on YouTube.

As you can guess, the resolution of the touch screen in 2170 × 60 pixels is not quite suitable for comfortable playing in anything. However, the sound of the game is so pronounced that to navigate through the game levels can be extremely sound. The package with the game can be downloaded on GitHub.

First and foremost, the touchpad of MacBook Pro is designed to enhance the usability of a PC and extend the functionality of the software (graphic editor Pixelmator, for example, has recently acquired the support panel). However, craftsmen do not stand still and soon will probably come up with something new

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