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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 complain of cracking glass main camera [photo]

The design of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 there is a design flaw. According to the owners of the device, in some instances the protective glass covering the main camera flagship, tends to crack during normal use. In confirmation of his words, the users faced with a problem, publish pictures of the damaged vehicles.

The photographs show the Galaxy S7, in which the camera glass broke. Complaints about this problem leave it to the technical support forum Samsung. Many customers write that they used your gadget neat, and the device was in a case. Another owner of the device found that the glass burst on the next day after purchase, though he did not drop smartphone.

The photos Galaxy S7 it is seen that on the back cover of the device near the glass there is no visible damage from drops or other obvious signs that responsible for the incident are the users themselves. Replacement glass chamber of the South Korean smartphone costs $70.

Currently, the law firm Keller Rohrback L. L. P. collects requests of the owners of the troubled Galaxy S7 for drafting a class-action suit against Samsung. Users are planning to ask the manufacturer for reimbursement of the cost of repairing smartphones.

At the end of last year with a similar problem faced by owners of smartphones LG V20, equipped with dual camera. Glass panel of this unit could also crack without significant physical effects. Then users came to the conclusion that the problem was in the heating of the glass led flash located under the same glass.

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