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Owners of iPhone and Apple Watch will not be able to use the “Mobile ticket” for the toll

System NFC in the iPhone does not allow to use the service “Mobile ticket” for fare collection in the Metropolitan transport. This was told by Deputy head of the Moscow metro Yuri Degtyarev.

On Friday the Moscow metro, in conjunction with the Department of transport and mobile operators Beeline, MTS and MegaFon introduced a service that allows passengers to pay for the subway ride, putting to the turnstile smartphone. “Mobile ticket” will help pay for travel on all public transport. And to pay for the trip in the subway can be discharged even mobile phone.

But the owners of Apple phones will not be able to use the “Mobile ticket” for fare payment in public transport. Despite the fact that in the latest iPhone models and the Apple Watch has NFC chip implementation of this technology (focus on Apple Pay) make them incompatible with the function. Technically payment using iPhone possible but that the city authorities will have to negotiate with the company from Cupertino.

First Deputy head of the Moscow metro Yuri Degtyarev expressed the hope that Apple will enter the Russian market with this service as soon learns that the Moscow metro has made access to the metro by using NFC.

The main disadvantage of a new service for its use must first enter a salon of their mobile operator and replace SIM card on special. We should not forget about the peculiarities of mobile services of some banks that are responsive to the replacement of SIM cards, forcing the user to call customer support to regain access to payment transactions. The service would be much more convenient if its creators chose the “cloud” version of the payment card emulation, not tied to “SIM card”.

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While the official announcement about the availability of new technology for its subscribers announced only a “Megaphone”. However, MTS and “a Biline” will also soon be joining the project.

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