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Overview of “smart” scales QardioBase and the tonometer Reading

Recent apps and gadgets that track health and activity of the user, are gaining popularity, which is not surprising, because the modern gadgets are very good to help keep yourself in shape. However, in the market there are not only smart bracelets and watches, but more serious devices like smart scales and blood pressure monitors. The company Qardio offers some of the best in the segment models – Wi-Fi-scales QardioBase and “smart” blood pressure Reading.

Wireless scale QardioBase

First “smart” scales QardioBase was presented at CES 2015, and first deliveries began in the autumn of the same year. Scales capable of measuring weight and analyzing the parameters of the body to provide more detailed information about the condition. Data is synchronized via Wi-Fi with the corresponding app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. In the same application and the initial setup, during which you will need to stand on the scales for a full assessment. In the options you can disable a complete analysis and select the weight and smart mode.

The design of the scales is very simple and minimalistic. The surface is covered with glass, under which is the LED panel to display information. A serious disadvantage is the instability. Edge weights literally hovering above the floor, so stepping on them, sometimes I lose balance.

Funny smart scale QardioBase – smart mode. In this case, when the user gets on the scale and on the LED panel displayed a happy, sad or neutral smiley, to instantly inform the user about loss or weight gain. Display the weight in numbers can also be configured.

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In addition to the regular mass, QardioBase measures the body mass index, body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass and water balance.

Scales supports multiple users, and thus determine it automatically based on weight and physique. QardioBase can be used with different smartphones of different users.

The Qardio app’s interface is simple and straightforward. Supported sync over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In the program view history of the measurements, set reminders to weigh and some other parameters as well as synchronize the data with the Health app or MyFitnessPal.

Tonometer QardiaArm

QardiaArm tonometer is a device to measure arterial (blood) pressure patient. Only “smart”. The product works wirelessly and sinhroniziruete data with the Qardio app.

Unlike weights, Reading has no controls or display, so all interaction happens via a smartphone. The process of measuring blood pressure and pulse at the same time very simple – fix the device on hand, turn on the measurement on the phone and wait for about a minute. Moreover, the gadget automatically connects to the smartphone while on the hand, and off when the folding of the cuff.

Blood pressure monitor measures and displays the application three indicators of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse. A question arises about accuracy. But as stated by the manufacturer, all devices undergo a medical check. If you don’t trust QardiArm, you can put in the settings of several successive measurements for a more accurate result.

As in the case with weights QardioBase, the owner of the smart blood pressure monitor has the ability to work to different users with different devices. In addition, since the application for all gadgets Qardio one, they are perfectly compatible with each other, and in the program there is a section that combines a number of different devices.

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The Qardio app is the ability to set a reminder to change the pressure, use guest mode for measuring the pressure of someone without saving the data, and also function Places, which shows where the user has measured the pressure.

For users who seriously monitor physical activity and health, QardioBase and Reading will become indispensable gadgets.

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