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Output Surface Phone postponed indefinitely

According to rumors, Microsoft has decided to suspend work on a secret project Andromeda.

An unnamed source reported that the manufacturer of Windows decided not to include in the update of the system components associated with doxycycline smartphone, which once again talking in the past two weeks.

Apparently, Microsoft engineers do not have time to Refine the product and will not be able to release it before the end of the year as previously expected. Probably, the Corporation wants to focus on the development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and on improving other components of their software.

Project Andromeda is a new Microsoft smartphone with a unique form factor. In fact, it is a foldable device with two screens, each of which can display different information depending on how you use the gadget. Sounds impressive.

The problem is that the release of this unusual smartphone may lead to losses, as is likely, he will not find the target audience. At least in 2018, as this innovative design will cost a round sum.

However, someone interested in this product warms up interest by publishing the leaks and concepts. Perhaps Microsoft itself does it, to evaluate the demand and interest of the public.

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