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OS X 10.11 may be the last version of the operating system for Mac

28.05.2015 apleapplekot 0 Comments

During a recent conference, Microsoft made a sensational statement. Windows 10 will be the last OS version, Windows 11 will not. Instead of regularly every few years to release a major update of the platform, the company will now develop the OS gradually, adding new functions to it. Could we apply this strategy to the new operating system OS X 10.11?

OS X 10.11 may be the last version of the operating system for Mac

A top Manager of Microsoft Jerry Nixon announced that, starting with the tenth version, Windows will be updated to “incrementally”. The company just missed in numbering their Windows 9, going from eight at once with ten. She wanted to put an end to the past, including model release new versions of Windows every few years.

Microsoft to refuse the release of new major updates — part strategy for making the system “Windows as a service”. Windows will no longer receive major updates, it will constantly change, buying new and losing unnecessary features. Will be released an update for operating system components, such as applications or user interface elements to always maintain the Windows modern. Explorer edition iMore Peter Cohen believes that such a strategy is suitable for the platform OS X.

With the release of OS X 10.7 Lion in 2011, Apple has moved to an annual cycle of updating the operating system, and made the new OS free that sparked universal approval among users of Apple technology. The current OS X Yosemite ahead of the speed of propagation all previous versions of OS X.

Despite the popularity of OS X 10.10, the operating system can not boast of reliability and stability. The final release was accompanied by numerous allegations of error, some users today have reported problems with Continuity and unstable Wi-Fi.

The transition to incremental update to OS X will save the Apple from this problem. Releasing cumulative updates for your operating system, the company can gradually increase the functionality and capabilities of the platform, to update the visual interface and add support for new hardware.

“Apple does not take courage in making uncomfortable decisions in favor of long-term benefit. To recall the conversion of Final Cut Pro in Final Cut Pro X with the change functionality, metamorphosis iMovie. The same applies to applications in the office Suite iWork,” said the Explorer.

Apple will definitely learn from the experience of Microsoft with the launch of Windows 10 and will be ready to adopt it if it will improve user experience.

In any case, wait for the presentation of OS X 10.11 remained not long. What innovations will be included in the next generation desktop operating system, Apple will tell 8 June at WWDC 2015.

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