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Oppo may present at MWC 2017 smartphone with a five-fold optical zoom

The company Oppo intends to announce at MWC 2017 new technology “5x” for shooting photo and video. With this technology, the owners of smartphones can take pictures “with exquisite detail”. Flagship smartphone the iPhone 7 Plus note, boasts of shooting only with a 2-fold optical zoom.

Oppo has announced several innovative solutions. Previously, the company showed technology Super VOOC Flash Charge, allowing just 15 minutes to fully charge the battery of the mobile device. But its biggest achievements associated with taking pictures. Oppo has released the smallest image stabilizer and the world’s first image stabilizer on the sensor.

Oppo is the first manufacturer to release a smartphone focused on taking selfies – F1, F1 Plus, and F1s. And, apparently, the new technology of “5x” should provide another breakthrough.

“Oppo relentless pursuit for perfection without compromise gave rise to amazing technological breakthrough that will change the world’s attitude to the photos with smartphones – describes a new technology Vice President of Oppo Skye Lee. – We have chosen MWC for the presentation of technology “5x” with a belief that we can inspire the industry to seek up and the creation of innovative products, offering users a terrific experience.”

Of course, not necessarily talking about optical zoom, but this is the only assumption that can be built on the basis of the image and the announcement. Anyway, at MWC 2017, the company Oppo intends to introduce a new smartphone with an emphasis on the quality of the pictures.

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