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Oppo compared the optical zoom on the Oppo 5x Zoom Dual Camera and iPhone 7 Plus [video]

Oppo at MWC 2017 unveiled its latest technological breakthrough – Dual Camera 5x Zoom camera with a 5x optical zoom for smartphones. All the technical details of the company are not disclosed. Instead, Oppo has offered to see the video that ought to demonstrate impressive fotosmoralo Oppo Dual Camera 5x Zoom on the background of the iPhone 7 Plus with a two-fold optical zoom.

5x Zoom Dual Camera uses two sensors and the lens in the style of periscope. The new sensor consists of two separate modules, one of which is paired with a telephoto lens, located at an angle of 90 degrees, and the second with a wide-angle camera. Telephoto Oppo, unlike that in iPhone is equipped with stabilization of optical images.

As for the periscope of the lens, it has a tiny prism that refracts the light from the telephoto lens. When light enters a prism, it is bent by the lens before to hit the sensor. Oppo managed to make a very thin camera module is just 5.7 mm thick. The camera also has a built-in intelligent module, which feels the vibrations and performs the appropriate conversion to combat them, ensuring a higher quality image.

The video shows how the camera with a periscope design of one of its modules ahead of rival photo quality when using the 5x zoom. To see the difference between shots not working even with the naked eye. Notable differences when zooming and in the level of image stabilization, which is responsible for another solution. The mechanism of the mirror-prism in 5x Zoom Dual Camera that redirects light in a perpendicular telephotometric, able to compensate for any deviation with the incredible sensitivity of 0.0025 degrees.

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Oppo 5x Zoom Dual Camera will force Apple and other well-known manufacturers a hard time to keep up with technology and offer users an equally impressive technology. It is not excluded that once took place, the race for the megapixels transformirovalsya in the competition periscope of telephotometric.

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