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Opinion: the way Apple is forcing professionals to abandon the Mac in favor of Windows-based PC

A big change with Mac are rare. After Apple inaugurates a new computer for several years, it is updated internal components and the case and a set of interfaces remain unchanged. This sometimes delays with the updates become obscenely large, as a result, the supporters of the Mac platform are forced to use outdated hardware. And sometimes Apple is offering to migrate to more powerful hardware, but to maintain the familiar workflow and peripheral technique requires a lot of financial expenses and effort.

In October last year, Apple released new MacBook Pro line, which has been criticized for the high cost and the lack of common connectors. The picture of the future in view of the “Apple” giant looks attractive, but here and now, the idea spoils the inevitable use of different adapters in the first place — to connect USB flash drives, external drives and other peripherals with USB ports Type-A. it’s Even harder to justify the lack of a card reader, especially when that MacBook of the professional line is positioned as a working machine for editing photos and video.

Workstations Mac Pro ignored for several years. Four years have passed since then, as Phil Schiller revealed to the world the most powerful computer Apple. Since then, the company sells the device without updating the components and for the same price.

Journalist John Gruber drew attention to article developer Marco Solorio, in which he said that many professional Directors of videomontazha increasingly looking towards Windows-based PC.

“Nvidia GTX 1080 is perhaps the last nail in the coffin. Can guarantee that now we have to work with the main package installation have to switch to Windows computers that supports multiple PCIe slots specifically for GTX 1080. I’m not new to working with Windows systems (I wrote my own configuration of a PC since the days of Windows 3/NT). But I still prefer macOS. Unfortunately, without modern Apple workstations with PCIe, we have to use Windows (you may choose HP Z840 or its equivalent, or even collect custom configuration). Although GTX 1080 can connect to your Mac Pro, use the performance fully will not work due to obsolete PCIe”, – writes Solorio.

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The article was written in may of 2016, but Apple still has not updated the Mac Pro and this argument is as relevant as ever.

Gruber also drew attention to an interesting discussion on Reddit about the attitude of Apple to the professionals. At the time, as some argue that the company never created niche products, others believe that for the company to consider the interests of professional users are very short-sighted.

“Let for Apple sales techniques for professionals is not the main source of income, the company nevertheless shall promptly update the computers. You ignore the creative people, artists and professional users who are opinion leaders, very influential in their environment. This is a mistake. If the whole industry will switch to PC – videos, movies, picture… in the end it all ended up that tens of millions of people will go down this road, focusing on their opinion.

I like my Mac Pro. But it’s time for an upgrade. Now I have the choice to downgrade to an iMac or switch to a PC. I’m seriously considering the second option, and it is the fault of Apple.”

It is important to understand that Apple is no longer the company that was in 2000 or even 2008. Priorities have changed a lot, now Apple never focused on making a profit.

Of course, this does not mean that she needs to fulfill every whim of the professionals, but it is important for companies to deal with the problem, not pretend it doesn’t exist.

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