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Opinion: new iPhone needs to impress the users because Apple is waiting for the collapse

Before the announcement of the new iPhone a few days left, Apple has already started to send out invitations to the presentation. It will be held a week later, on 7 September. Usually a week before the presentation of the new rumors about the new iPhone begin to run on the network at double speed. But this year, discussing not so much the model of the current year, how many iPhone 2017. A new wave of rumours provoked Bloomberg, saying that the device, first, you can go to the “Home” button, and secondly, get a curved screen. Controversy erupted with renewed force.

The main argument of the opponents Apple is very simple – curved screens, and now is no surprise, and in a year they will use in their handsets just lazy. So, the “Apple” the company is again playing catch-up, no innovation here does not even smell, and in General, Apple is not a cake”.

As noted by Mobile Review, the company from Cupertino has rarely acted in the role of pioneer. iPhone was not the first touchscreen phone, voice assistants existed long before Siri, fingerprint scanner met in mobile technology at a time when its production in the Apple no one even thought of. And even tablets, which are “invented” by Apple, existed in the days of Windows XP.

But with all this “Apple” products are still strikingly different from his predecessors, not so much due to the technology used or supported feature, but rather because behind them ideas. Do not pay attention to it – that is to say, like a modern Mercedes cars are no different from the “Moskvich-412”. iPhone divided the history of mobile phones “before” and “after” Siri has opened a new era of voice assistants, and the iPad turned tablets the idea of her head.

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Can Apple once again take the long-familiar tools and create with them something bright and unusual? Early company it was possible, but the latest devices like the Apple Watch or the iPad Pro is slightly tainted her reputation. Not even because it was frankly bad or unsuccessful. And just for the reason that there is nothing revolutionary about them.

Rumor has it that iPhone 2017 will consist of one continuous screen will look so that designers Sharp Aquos Crystal will start to sprinkle ashes on his head. Dream about the case with self locking and invisible to the eye connectors. I hope that the iPhone 2017 will be the first bendable smartphone. If something like this happens, blame Apple for “copying Samsung” to anybody and in a head will not come. But if all will show the company – a smartphone with slightly rounded edges of the screen, then Tim cook will collect all the cones. And deservedly so.

For millions of people worldwide in the mobile electronics there is a God, who year after year performs miracles. In spite of everything: to analysts, actions of competitors, the habits of the core audience. And forgiving and will forgive anything, because the gods by human standards are not judged. But all this will continue as long as it does not allow to doubt its divine nature. If miracles are over, God immediately declared a heretic-an impostor, a liar, basely took someone else’s place. But their fate was sad all the time.

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