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Opinion: Microsoft is now more bold and innovative than Apple

Journalist Chris Taylor published an article on Mashable, in which I speculate about why Microsoft recently “began to look more bold and innovative than Apple”. Vc leads the journalist.

“I was a fan of Apple since the day I bought my first Macintosh IIsi in 1993, with hands from a friend in College. In 1996 I bought a color Powerbook, 1998 — purple iMac, in 2003 — Powerbook G4 (the same aluminum that Steve jobs introduced the slogan “Power + Sex = ?”), and then another half a dozen devices Powerbook, Mac, and Macbook,” — says journalist Chris Taylor.

Whatever submitted to Apple, Taylor always believed that the company is doing much more innovative things than Microsoft. “Windows has always played catch-up with macOS, and in hardware design, Microsoft has not made any progress”.

“But under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft began to regain its place on the world stage. Looking at both recent presentations — Microsoft, and then Apple — I found that I type a tweet stating that Microsoft is more innovative company than Apple.”

Taylor notes that the new MacBook Pro seemed a worthy device: “It is lighter and thinner than any laptop you’ve ever had. It can be charged via any of four USB ports. with regard to the new touchpad — let’s not jump to conclusions. It seems that it’s just a separate keyboard for Emoji, but the developers at the presentation were shown how to use this panel — it will be useful to DJs, and designers and many other professionals.”

“But look at what Microsoft has introduced in Seattle. Surface Studio — the first device based on Windows, which I really want to have, since Sony Vaio released in 2003,” says Taylor.

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According to the journalist, the Studio Surface is the device which should now be Mac from Apple. “Truly innovative, ultrathin computer with 28-inch touchscreen display that can be set at a comfortable angle. At the same time, the panel Touch Bar, provided by Apple doesn’t care about ergonomics. In order to use the panel, you need to sgorbissa over a laptop, as we have seen at the presentation of Apple”.

“Surface Studio — ergonomic device. Yes, and it looks great — like the iMac of the future.”

According to Taylor, if Microsoft took the Apple territory. And the fact that Apple showed in their presentation of the new iMac, though, and it was rumored, according to the journalist, only confirms its thesis.

Another device that showed Microsoft wireless controller Dial Surface. “Another risky and at the same time, a bold move from the Corporation. And it seems the risk has paid off. Secure the small aluminum washer on the screen Surface Studio and use it to control any application”.

“If Microsoft has decided to demonstrate the application of Dial a DJ’s work, the company would have just crushed the presentation of Apple and its Touch Bar, writes Taylor. — The presentation itself, Microsoft could be labeled as: “Let’s see how much we can embarrass Apple””. The journalist lists the main technologies that showed it Corporation: helmet HoloLens mixed reality, 3D-design in Paint and so on.

Apple CEO Tim cook, says Taylor, spoke about how augmented and mixed reality superior to virtual reality technology — and that this is the future. “This is exactly what Microsoft does. The company is working on HoloLens and making real steps in the direction of the future, and Apple just talks about what we expect”.

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“Perhaps the most innovative application for Touch Bar purchases via Apple Pay. To make purchases with just a fingerprint is, of course, great. But the technology ceases to seem so cool, when you start to think about the real consequences: for example, spontaneous and ill-considered purchases. Sometimes it’s better to go for the card and enter the code to give yourself time to think twice”.

According to the journalist, Microsoft also made a big step forward in the art of presentations.

“Remember the old Apple presentation: the man on the stage made you want to buy beautiful gadgets, even if they were you don’t need. According to the results of the last two presentations, I can say that the one who held his speech in this style, was Panos Panay, Vice President of Microsoft, who is responsible for the range Surface. Last year he admitted his mistake to market the first device Surface, and this year did everything to fix it”.

Apple representatives on the stage at the same time, says Taylor, looked as if programmed by: “Tim cook leads a pompous Phil Schiller still looks like a car dealer, and Craig Federighi still exudes a false friendliness”.

Taylor is confident that in the end customers will use the Touch Bar more rarely than waiting for Apple. “Even the internal strategy of the company is causing me issues. Just Apple introduced the iPhone without a headphone Jack, saying that in the long term, all users will be switched to wireless headphones, and now it shows a MacBook Pro in which such a connector is left. Cost at least to explain their decision to the stage.”

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This approach, says the journalist, primarily for organizations and people who feel their power: “They do what they want, and expect the loyal fans to answer will remain standing before them on my knees.” “It’s not what gives it industry of sexuality,” he continues.

“Steve jobs would have to admit that sex now in Seattle. Microsoft have the courage to try something new, learn from their mistakes, to present their vision”.

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