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Opinion: Mac is losing the battle Windows is because of the attitude Apple users

For decades, PC users and Mac were eternal debate. The second was an excellent platform for the conflict, provoked by the open rivalry between bill gates and Steve jobs. Now, as the journalist writes BusinessInsider’s Matt Weinberger, Apple fans begin to look at the solutions for Windows operating system.

In the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, the situation on the market turned into a stable duopoly, since Apple has found its niche as a maker of premium devices for the culturally-conscious people, and Windows PC have earned a reputation of computers to the masses, in particular for gamers and office workers. Apple gave the option to install Windows on your Mac, and Microsoft earned a lot by selling Office and related services for the iPhone and iPad. On the computer front was quiet as the battle has moved to mobile platforms.

But now, after several years of stability, the PC market changes are anticipated, says Weinberger. Apple fans are once again beginning to look to Windows and devices such as Microsoft Surface Studio hybrid laptop/tablet Eve V and solution 2-in-1 Dell XPS 13, cause people’s interest in PC. The revival of the Windows comes at a time when fans of Apple feel that company has become lenient towards Macs, shifting the focus on the iPhone and iPad.

Changing the perception speaks of great progress that Microsoft has made under the leadership of Satya Nadella. Windows 10 is one of the best Microsoft updates for many years, as it paid special attention to versatility as in-touch and traditional PC mode. Microsoft promises to constantly upgrade to Windows 10, improving the OS with new features, including better mode for video games. Windows and devices under its control continue to improve.

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Apple, by contrast, dismisses the idea of a Mac with a touch screen and instead is positioning the iPad Pro as an alternative to the laptop. For users who want a touchscreen on a PC, the company developed touch panel touch Bar – mini display above the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro to OS control. Implementation the panel received mixed user reviews, some consider it useless, others not functional.

Many are outraged Mac users and the fact that the new MacBook is focused on design and battery life, not processing power and not even ports of the devices that are needed to perform the work. You pay off for Apple is changing, it is still unclear, but it definitely cools the heat users.

Raises serious questions and the relevance of the current Mac lineup. The most productive workstations Mac Pro designed for professional users, not updated for four years, with sold for the same price as at time of release. But the most affordable Mac – Mac mini – haven’t seen updates in 2014.

Of course, Apple is far from doomed, but there is a feeling that in the confrontation between Mac vs PC fortune turns to Microsoft. Mac is no longer an impeccable standard for the market. And Microsoft and its partners are using this vulnerability and with great success.

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