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Opinion: induction wireless charging in the iPhone 2017 could undermine the credibility of Apple

Apple very rarely introduces new technologies. The company prefers to wait for the right moment to modify the product to not release on the market of raw device. In the case of Apple mobile devices watched devices that work with a stylus, and eventually released the iPhone, which can be controlled with your fingers. For a long time it was thought that with wireless charging Apple with something like this, but the last insides it is not confirmed.

Induction charging is itself quite a controversial decision. For starters, they are not exactly wireless. By and large you still need a wire that is not connected to the device and to the charger.

Many will say that it is much easier just to put the phone on the charging pad than to plug in the cable. But do not forget that when you connect a normal wired charger you can use the phone, but in the case of wireless charging it needs to be on the panel.

Of course, Apple also uses the inductive charging for the Apple Watch, but in this case it is a necessity. The gadget itself is less, and no problems living out the rest of the day, so the watch can be charged at night when there is no need to use them. In the case of the iPhone, Apple does not use wireless charging in its current form and expecting a better solution.

In fact, there were already several viable alternatives to inductive charging. One of the solutions based on fuel cells are another type of battery, which the iPhone can work for about a week, and MacBook – a month. Apple has a patent on this technology and, most likely, the company is actively working in this direction.

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This type of charging, of course, much better, but battery replacement will cost much more expensive and complicated. That is why another alternative inductive charging seems more real – charger, based on the radio waves.

Like charging use radio signals to provide wireless power transfer at a distance. And as the radio source is suitable even for routers Wi-Fi. Testing has shown that in this way it is possible to charge devices at a distance of 4-6 meters. Place the adapter on the wall or on your desktop and you will get a truly wireless charging.

With such devices available at the apartment, you can power all their devices, regardless of whether they are in use.

Until recently, it seemed that development of this technology and are waiting for Apple.

Company Energous few years ago demonstrated the technology, driving the charger via an iPad. It was a clear hint at the cooperation of Apple and Energous.

Energous has even postponed the launch of its technology due to a strategic partnership with a certain company. Said it could be Apple.

Everything pointed to the fact that Apple decided to ignore the old wireless charging technology used by many competitors as it has got more advanced system. It became clear that the company is waiting for the moment when will be able to provide a wireless charging device range.

However, at the end of January it became known about cooperation with Lite-On Semiconductor, which produces a bridge rectifier for inductive charging. A bridge rectifier is used to convert AC to DC current. This component is used for wireless charging near field

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Yesterday it was reported that Apple has joined the group of manufacturers that promotes the Qi technology – the same on the basis of electromagnetic induction, which Android manufacturers have been using in their devices. Back in 2013 Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 with support for this technology.

For Apple to offer Qi charging in 2017 – a little weird and apparently late. If the Corporation will use the same strategy as with the Apple Watch — introducing Qi technology, but will limit the flexibility of charging devices from other manufacturers, the iPhone will lose one of the main advantages of the technology – possible to charge the gadget from any device in any public place.

If Apple intends to offer inductive charging in the middle of the action, then it should be a pair of aces in the sleeve, so as not to undermine the innovative company.

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