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Opinion: Essential Phone is the only Android smartphone that can outshine iPhone 8

New mobile Phone Essential from the Creator of Android Andy Rubin made a serious bid for the title of best smartphone on the market. According to observers Mobiltelefon familiar with the device, the Android device can repeat the success of the iPhone, since it is the best that currently exists in the world of Android.

Frameless design

Essential Phone received of 5.71-inch display with a resolution of 2560х1312 pixels – that is, at almost the same as the LG G6, diagonally it stretches a little weaker. Together with the lack of the upper frame it gives a notable reduction in the dimensions – it is 7.4 mm shorter and 0.8 mm Korean competitor. That is, we compact bezrobotnych – not as big as Mi Mix, but also with a large screen.

In Essential Phone we do not see any feints with the front camera. It is top middle, where it belongs. In a special cutout which can be a trend of the season: the same conditions are expected in the iPhone 8 and V30 LG and Sharp Aquos R Compact.

Premium content

When creating Essential Phone the company used expensive materials. The frame of the smartphone is made of titanium, which ensures durability. Rear pad – ceramic. Ceramics, of course, very slippery, but with a titanium frame drop is not terrible. Well, the screen is covered with the newest Gorilla Glass 5. As a result, we have a case of the newest tempered glass, ceramics and titanium.

Care Essential and the colors. The four of them. At the start of the available black and white, later added to grey and Ocean Depths. This version with dark green cover and Golden frame looks very interesting for rendering and probably will look even better in person. It is important that Essential left black front panel all color models. White front panel containing all control elements of the device would spoil the minimalistic style of the smartphone.

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Modular smartphones with the years lost in his ambition – even Project Ara at the end of his days rejected the idea of interchangeable processors. Now increasingly talking about the optional modules that connect to a smartphone to extend its functionality. Essential to Phone the best implementation of this technology could boast Moto Z, but the American beat him. Possible modules for “sedki” are limited in that they must be covers. Cover-battery cover-projector and so on. The new product is not, the module may be of any shape and size.

The first module, which offers Essential – VR-camera. Camera that take pictures from all sides, it seems a promising feature. In independent form it is not very interesting, but attach to the mobile – perfectly.

And the connector in the Essential PH-1 can be not only a mounting for the modules. It is also used to connect the dock that shows the presence of very wide possibilities.

Top features

In the Essential PH-1 has everything you expect from a modern flagship. The latest Snapdragon 835, 128 GB of internal memory, dual camera. The second module is used for improved grip light (black and white), as in the top models of Huawei and 360 mobile. Shooting video in 4K? Supported. Super clear display? No problem: Quad HD, 504 ppi. The fingerprint scanner? And how. LTE all possible types? Yes, there is Essential outstripped even the Vertu Constellation, which has a great range of 4G bands is almost the main feature.

Essential Phone will work on a close to stock version of Android Nougat with a minimum set of preinstalled applications, among which is a voice assistant of its own design. Its capabilities are kept secret, but it is unlikely he will be offered something more than what can Siri and Google Assistant.

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No, of course there is something to complain about. in the Essential PH-1, apparently, not at all Hi-Fi toppings, there is only one slot under the SIM card, no slots for microSD, sent into oblivion and a 3.5 mm Jack for headphones, Yes expocasa front camera looks like something serious for our times. But tell me what you care about in the presence of the complete adapter and 128 GB of internal memory.

What do you think, Essential Phone will repeat the success of the iPhone or fail like some of the YotaPhone?

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