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Opinion: e – “SIM” in iPad Pro – preparing for iPhone 7 with two SIM-cards

At the end of March, Apple held a presentation, a major announcement which was a new 4-inch iPhone SE. The presentation of the smartphone, few people noticed that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, also presented at the event, there was an electronic SIM card in addition to a slot for conventional SIM cards. Own SIM card Apple embeds in tablets for the second year, but previously it was an ordinary SIM card, it can be removed and discarded. Now Apple has built a full eSIM directly to electronic components of a tablet. According to analysts, is preparing to create iPhone with two “SIM cards”.

Such a move is to be expected, analysts say Content Review. Sales of the iPhone continue to delight of Apple shareholders, but the growth pattern is not the same. Moreover, some believe that the iPhone may well repeat the fate of the iPad, which also managed to visit “standard” in the tablet market, but was quickly pushed to the periphery of Android devices. If each iPhone will appear a second SIM card, fully controlled by Apple, it can open up a new source of income.

Operators, of course, from this initiative Apple is not happy. It’s not even that the iPhone will now be able to connect to the network immediately after the purchase, bypassing the contract with the operator. eSIM under the control of the Apple becomes a new instrument of pressure, which the company may use to compel operators to its rules of the game. In the U.S. I remember well the exclusive deal Apple and AT&T, which won manufacturer of smartphones than the operator. Besides their own subscribers already are not trying to get “free” iPhone with a two year contract extortionate. Tariffs in developed markets have fallen and are willing to pay a high price for a link is becoming less.

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Smartphones with two SIM-cards on Android dominate the market for a long time. Typically, these models acquire those who use one SIM card for voice calls and the second for the mobile Internet. Very rescues this smartphone and roaming, where different operators offer different rates on a link.

However, it is believed that in the foreseeable future the traditional SIM-cards – pieces of plastic with an embedded electronic chip are a thing of the past.

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