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Opinion: Apple has long decided whether Touch ID in the iPhone 8

Many online sources claim that Apple is still undecided where it will be is the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 8 and whether it will at all. Despite the huge number of rumors, it is hard to believe that the company still faces a choice. In the case of hardware fail to make such important decisions a month before the presentation: many things associated with iPhone 8 could be predefined a few years ago.

Regardless, the iPhone 8 will have a fingerprint scanner or replaced by facial recognition technology, Apple has long undecided.

Most likely, this year the company still will not give up Touch ID for two reasons. First, the fingerprint scanner is a time-tested technology. What is the point to get rid of the sensor that can be installed even in frameless smartphone? It would be logical to give users the choice between facial recognition and fingerprints. Secondly, what about Apple Pay? If Apple was going to replace a proven method of authentication, it would have to negotiate with the banks. Suppose a company did it, but it is hard to believe that it came out without a single leak.

Some sources even suggest that the iPhone 8 may lose the support of Apple Pay at all, but this is practically impossible.

The face recognition technology also has issues. Can iPhone 8 to correctly recognize the user’s angle? It is not excluded that Apple managed to achieve with the 3D-sensor. On the other hand, it is a chance for fraud: if payment will be enough to wave your smartphone in front of the victim’s face, waiting for the avalanche of criticism.

How Apple will get out of this situation is a huge mystery that is worth watching under the prism of philosophy. Most likely, the “Apple” Corporation will not dare to abandon the Touch ID in favor of absolutely brand new technology. Either she will have to use all the marketing power of the company and try to convince the world that the scanners are obsolete.

In any case, Apple has already decided what to do with Touch ID in the new generation iPhone.

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