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Opinion: Apple and other manufacturers specially programmed equipment on failure

We buy something because we have all the time something breaks. According to the resource browser Serovglobus, Apple and other manufacturers are specially created so that after a certain period of time to break down, resulting in the need to update the model or to find a replacement.

The journalist believed that such theories have nothing to do with reality, until I was faced with the problem. His iPhone lasted only a year, and this year he had three of the Lightning port.

“Every change has a cost of two thousand roubles. And you can say that I am clumsy and Bang it around, much the cable is pulled, properly used in General, but almost every third owner of the miracle of the phone changes this port, ” he writes. Now this phone went to my mother and guess what broke down the other day.”

The second smartphone is also out of order. This time it was a budget machine and bought it based on the opinion of users about its reliability. The device worked for about six months. 20 days after the end of warranty he has denied the touch module, that is, the device does not respond to touch.

“I knowingly put emphasis on the guarantee, because with it, it could be replaced, now he is in the service center and “treated” for our money,” he says.

Recently bought another iPhone and less than 24 hours, as he rejected the main speaker. “The main speaker earned after falling out of a pocket, which may indicate the original bad contact with the Board, if not now, then in time, this “school” has emerged,” he said.

According to the journalist, iPhone, work 1-2 years and have a warranty period of one year. Exactly this time to market the updated model. This is no accident: by the time when the iPhone crashes, there is a new version, and fix the phone not want.

Another example: all-metal housings for Apple devices that are impossible to disassemble without special tools. In the end, the repair comes out so expensive that it is easier to buy a new model. Who dares to replace yourself the broken glass iPhone or iPad? The cost of replacement of any part inhibits the psyche of the owner and force him to abandon the idea of repair in favor of purchasing.

It is believed that the principle of planned obsolescence of technology has created a consumer economy. But to prove that Apple and other manufacturers deliberately shorten the lifespan of their products will be very difficult.

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