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Operators will be obliged to warn the subscribers about the change of tariffs

Mobile operators are going to require to warn the subscribers about the change of tariffs for calls and Internet connection. The corresponding decree was developed and posted on the official Internet portal of the Russian government.

Under the new amendments, Russian operators will no longer be able to “quietly” change the terms of service — they will be obliged in advance to inform subscribers about tariff change. The text of the document clearly defines the period for which the users must be informed about the developments — to publish information about the forthcoming adjustment of the company are required 10 days prior to the entry into force of new tariff plans.

The problem of tacit adjustment to the tariff value of the services by the representatives of the “big three” is often the subject of complaints to law enforcement and Supervisory authorities, refusing the processing of such applications. The new document eliminates a loophole in the law that will allow not to fear the unilateral modification of plan without notice to customers.

Cell phone companies and operators that provide access to the Internet, must publish the new rates on their official websites. But more important is that now, customer, supplier is obliged to warn about the price change for telecommunications services through the personal account or via e-mail. You need to write an application in which the client agrees to receive such information. This notification service should be free.

In addition, operators are now obliged to put subscribers on notice of the terms of elimination of malfunctions in the network, causing interference in the talks and the Internet.

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According to the idea, proposed initiatives will enhance the quality and convenience of service provision by mobile operators for subscribers, and eliminate violations of the rights of consumers.

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