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Operators have started to introduce technology that allows to significantly increase the autonomy of smartphones

It is known that at low coverage of the cellular network, the phone will spend more energy to maintain the signal. With increasing battery capacity, the magnitude of these costs is immaterial. However, with the emergence of new types of networks are subject to additional mechanisms that can Deplete the battery of the mobile device without user intervention. Many users have noticed that sometimes the battery drains even without their participation.

South Korean mobile operator KT has announced the launch of a new technology that can significantly extend the battery life of smartphones.

The technology is called the cDRX Mode or Connected mode Discontinuous Reception and allows network-connected cellular provider phones regularly go to a low power mode while remaining online. In other words, the mechanism of cDRX contributes to reducing energy consumption through the turning on/off of the receiver.

KT compares this technology with the system “start-stop” implemented in modern cars to automatically turn off and restart the engine to save fuel. CDRX parameters established and controlled by the phone, but the network must support the technology.

Testing was conducted on a Samsung Galaxy S8. As a result of active function of cDRX time operation of the gadget without recharging increased by about 45%.

Technology cDRX will start gradually to be introduced throughout South Korea.

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