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Opera will protect the smartphones from mining crypto currencies in the browser

Recently, Mozilla introduced a built-in desktop browser protection from mining cryptocurrencies. Now it is the turn of mobile browsers for which was announced the same opportunity.

Yesterday, the company confirmed that Opera and Opera Mini for iOS and Android in the latest update received protection from harmful mining of cryptocurrencies. As explained by representatives of Mozilla, the new feature will be activated by default, along with built-in ad blocker which is turned on in the settings.

Scripts in browsers for mining cryptocurrency increase the load on the smartphone to the maximum. This causes increased battery consumption also there is a risk of overheating of the device.

Moreover, even using Opera browser, you can find out whether your smartphone, tablet or computer to malicious code. This Opera has created a website, which you can use with any browser to check for the presence of covert mining on the device.

Mine cryptocurrency without your knowledge in many different ways. In addition to the browser program-the miner often distributing counterfeit software and applications for activation, as well as using remote access. Should be wary of suspicious sites and don’t download files from unverified sources.

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