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Opera introduced the “browser of the future” Neon for Mac and Windows

Opera introduced a new browser Opera Neon, built on the same engine as the Opera browser, and designed for the user to “focus on what’s important on the Internet”. The company calls the “browser concept”.

“Today’s web browsers, in fact, are the legacy of the last century. The Opera project Neon is an attempt to share our vision for the future of the global network”, – said the head of development Opera browser Christian Kolondra.

Every day billions of people worldwide use the Internet using web browsers. But the Internet continues to change. Likewise, we should change browsers, I think Opera. The company came to the conclusion that the time has come for a radical change in the entire industry browsers.

Opera Neon provides unusual ways of interacting with web content, including the ability to move items in the browser and easy to pick up content directly from the network.

Neon Opera presents a new user interface that includes: a new start page that uses a background image set on the computer panel, a video player, image gallery and downloads Manager, the new visual tab bar.

The program features an intellectual automatic control system tabs. The most commonly used tabs will rise to the top, while seldom-used tabs – fall back down. Another innovation of the program new search and address bar that supports the most popular search engines and OpenSearch.

Also, the developers added to the browser functions such as the mode of “picture in picture” video, a snapshot of any part of the web page and save the picture in the gallery browser and a split screen mode that allows you to open and work on the screen with two pages at a time.

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As a concept browser, Opera Neon is not a replacement for Opera. However, some of the presented functions will be introduced in the program this spring.

Opera Neon is available for free testing on Windows and Mac.

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