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Opera 32 has been animated themes, the password sync feature and the built-in VPN service

Opera has released a new desktop version of the browser that gives users more privacy, convenience, and personalization. The program boasts a new tree of bookmarks, password synchronization, animated themes, and the ability to use a VPN service SurfEasy.

The results of a recent study Opera showed that despite the fact that users place great emphasis on the protection of personal information, they are in most cases either do not know about the additional solutions for the protection of such data, or are such decisions are too complex to use. The company decided to change the situation. Now every time the user opens a private tab or the security certificate in the address bar, it will get a link for downloading the VPN service SurfEasy. This service allows you to surf the Internet securely, privately and anonymously from anywhere in the world.

In Opera it is possible to sync tabs, bookmarks and browser data. Now the sync feature acquired its finished appearance with the advent of password synchronization. Just select the “Passwords” in the new settings panel and log in to your account from any computer.

If the user has many bookmarks, grouped in different folders, then the new tree view bookmarks will be another useful innovation. The tree of bookmarks is available in the menu or in the bookmarks Manager in the sidebar. This feature will allow users to easily capture, create and view a bookmark structure.

Those who like static the skin part that will appeal to animated themes. The image of fire or any other video in the background of the dial will make the browser even more personality. The user can also create an animated theme and add it to our catalog.

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Download Opera 32 for Windows, Mac and Linux available for free at this link.

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