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Online store of Mobiot: best prices for iPhone and accessories

A number of online stores in the world every year is growing rapidly, and it is justified. People do not want to go through shopping malls in search of the right things, because almost everything can be purchased from the comfort of your cozy couch. And if some products are people still afraid to buy it almost without looking, in technology shopping online is incredibly relevant.

Consider one of the popular online stores of mobile technology In the market this project has been running for over 6 years and attracts customers with wide range, low prices and convenient delivery system.

With regard to the range, a considerable part of it, of course, is everyone’s favorite Apple products. On the website of Mobit.<url> presents all the models from old iPhone 4s to the latest iPhone 6s Plus, in all possible versions. By the way, at the moment a special offer on the iPhone 5c 32 GB – it can be purchased for 15 490 RUB in addition to iPhone, the online store is smartphones following popular brands:

  • Lenovo
  • Asus
  • LG
  • SONY
  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung

As well as several models of phones from Nokia.

All smartphones offer correspond to the European safety requirements and all technical regulations. On all models, without exception, are warranted.

In addition to smartphones, Internet-shop, selling GPS-navigators, video recorders and numerous accessories: protective film, glass, cases, portable charging and other useful things.

A lot of important plus Internet-store – fast delivery, which can be arranged in various ways. Residents of Moscow and Moscow region can pick up the order yourself at the point of removal from the subway at no extra charge or order the delivery by courier on the day of order or the next. The cost of this pleasure from 350 RUB. If you wait no time, you can use the service “urgent delivery” and get your order within 3 hours. In Russia orders are delivered by EMS for 2-6 days.

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If the customer has any doubts, questions, suggestions in the “Feedback” section you can contact and quickly get advice. Site administrators are working honestly, no reviews are not removed. Regular customers love and praise of Mobit.<url> for quick order processing and delivery, attractive offers and quality service.

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