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OneTwoTrip – how to save on travel using your iPhone

Soon the Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them – not only crush in online stores, and travel: when I’d have ten days from the whole family? But since all kinds of trips cost a decent amount, humanity has long figured out how to make your life easier – you just need to upload to the phone a bunch of apps in the proper format. One can buy cheaper tickets, another to book a hotel (or apartment) in the third – to find the most affordable cafes in the city. However, there is a caveat: in the end, the screen of the phone will become the digital Dorm, where God knows what happens. To save not only money but also space on the smartphone display, you can put OneTwoTrip is a wonderful application which contains all information about “travel-APPA.” in one icon. We once wrote about this program, but since then much water has flowed, OneTwoTrip has experienced several important updates, so let’s go back – let’s see what has changed.

Itself OneTwoTrip performs all the same functions – this app is for travelers. Thanks OneTwoTrip you can book a hotel, buy a plane ticket and train…. This feature was introduced in service recently, but works fine – so I can wash another icon with your smartphone, even if occasionally use the services of Railways.

How it works. You decide where you want to go, and realize that without the train there, well, nothing. Go into the app choose the best for your route, click on any car and the place, well pay for the tickets – all in the app, anywhere in addition to seek. Interestingly, OneTwoTrip can send users and a fashionable high-speed areas, so if you want to go from Moscow to Petersburg by “Sapsan”, then there will be no problem – the ticket on such trains, and the others.

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But as they say, that’s not all – the application has an elaborate system of loyalty, so for each paid via OneTwoTrip W/e ticket you get back 3% in points (if you pay with loyalty card – 5%), to spend on other trips. Year active drive with – and now, you travel free of charge. Besides, it is possible to simultaneously save bonuses, Railways or airline miles!

Generally, the loyalty program is interestingly arranged in OneTwoTrip it is to dwell. There are two types of membership: classic and premium. First you will get automatically as soon as you register: you will be free to return tickets (only on the day of purchase), select seats on the plane, etc. And most importantly – to 9% of the total order to return to the bonus account then you can pay for the next trip. From premium status there are more benefits – you will have a personal Manager, up to 10% of the order amount, you can return to the bonus account, you will be allowed to smoothly extend “reservation” will provide insurance, and will connect free SMS notifications on flight status. To get premium status, you need to spend on booking hotels from 100 thousand rubles a year.

Of course, did not disappear and the previous function, they became more comfortable. To buy a plane ticket-just a couple of taps, credit cards and passports. Importantly, all information is immediately stored in your account, and there is no need to enter the numbers many times and it will significantly save time. But if you use i-appliances, for you to open Apple Pay: simply scan a finger and the payment for the tickets or the hotels will leave at.

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The tickets offers from more than 800 companies, of which 70 low. All these data are cooked inside the app and when you click “find”, run thousands of searches and algorithms. And all this to show you the best offer that is on the market. Of course, the interface OneTwoTrip has loads of filters that help you sort your requirements for the trip: Luggage, travel time and others. Moreover, even if the ticket is “refundable”, you can use an interesting thing: “Rate of return” from, actually, OneTwoTrip – he will return 90% of the reservation amount.

In the order and booking of hotels. Our database of over a million hotels from 200 different countries. To book a place to stay, just enter the city where you travel, and your approximate date of travel and the application will display the best options on the screen; there is no need at all to visit the booking sites.

Of course, all the options of hotels is illustrated and described in detail: there are photos, and ratings based on the feedback of guests, and much more, including the possibility to choose the hotel on the map. Nobody will offer to buy a pig in a poke, or go to third party sites for more information. All here, within a small mobile – OneTwoTrip allows you to select a hotel to learn about it a little more and then book.

In General, after a number of updates OneTwoTrip remains one of the best apps for travelers. The opportunity to buy train tickets, versatility, flexible system of loyalty, a reference interface and high speed – you just don’t need anything else, if you have this app.

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