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OnePlus promises to collect less information about users

Earlier edition of TechRadar raised the question about how many OnePlus collects data about their users and how well they are aware of this.

One of the founders of OnePlus, Carl Pei, gave some explanation:

“Data is collected in order to help fine-tune OxygenOS. The information gathered also provides the best support devices. In addition, the data is securely protected and no one except OnePlus has no access to them. However, in the near future the policy of the company will be changed”.

At the end of October the owners OxygenOS devices will see on their smartphones, a pop-up window with the question whether they want to participate in the program, aimed at improving the operating system. Also, users will receive a message with a description of what exactly this program does. The company says that the MAC-addresses, phone numbers, and information on access points Wi-Fi will be completely removed from the collected data in the future.

“We take very seriously the privacy of user data and not sharing information with third parties. The company intends to provide clients the best conditions of use of the products.”

Everyone can personally contact OnePlus to get a more detailed explanation of the situation.

OnePlus dominates in sales of premium smartphones in emerging markets.

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