OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

In the large-scale army of smartphones of the BBK Electronics holding, replenishment: OnePlus Nord is presented. And it turned out to be outwardly very similar to another smartphone of one of the “daughters” – realme X50 Pro. There are, of course, differences. About them below.


“Smartphones of our brand should be cheaper,” thought the management of OnePlus. What is the best way to do this? Take the design of one of the brands at hand, shuffle a little bit of hardware, and that's it: most of the money has already been spent on development, only small touches remain.

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

Here it is worth taking off our hat to BBK: unlike Xiaomi, which takes the conditional Redmi K30 Pro, removes the Redmi label and puts the Poco brand, the holding makes constructive changes to the blank chosen before production.


Poco F2 Pro costs twice as much as Pocophone F1

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

Ilya Kichaev

12 May 2020

At the same time, Pocophone seems to be a separate brand! On the other hand, realme is trying to disown BBK altogether.

In general, there are differences: the volume buttons are slightly different, the flashes are located slightly differently. OnePlus Nord also has the famous notification volume mode switch:

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

Smartphones even have similar dimensions: 158.96 × 74.24 × 8.9 mm for realme and 158.3 × 73.3 × 8.2 mm for OnePlus – everything is within tolerance. The difference in weight is more obvious: 205 and 184 grams, respectively.

On the front, these are two identical phones:

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOSLeft OnePlus Nord

Both have 6.44-inch AMOLEDs with 1080 × 2400 dots. There is support for 90 Hz. True, the realme X50 Pro is certified according to the HDR 10+ standard, which OnePlus cannot boast of. But I wouldn't be surprised if the displays turn out to be the same.

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A special honor and praise for the flat display, on which the image will not deform in any way, and the colors will not be refracted, as happens with any smartphone with a rounded display.

The smartphone is sold in two colors: gray and cool blue.

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS


Despite the conviction of some users that OnePlus cannot release a smartphone with a non-flagship processor, the company did it: the Nord has Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. And this is a great solution: it is several times cheaper than 865, which will significantly reduce the cost of a smartphone. It also has a built-in 5G modem.

Fifth generation networks are supported on only one of the two SIM cards.

The choice of buyers will be available in three versions: 6/64, 8/128 and 12/256 GB. According to tradition, the most powerful one will most likely be very difficult to get – this is a rare beast that very few people may need. However, due to the lack of a microSD slot, this version may be quite popular.

And due to the absence of the same slot, the 64 GB version looks like a mockery: even in the Apple world, this is extremely small. But keep in mind that this version will only be sold in India.

The RAM is of the LPDDR4X class, and the built-in memory is UFS 2.1. Yes, not the top one.

Previously, the smartphone received a normal battery. Its conventional capacity is 4115 mAh. In the box, buyers will find a 30W Warp Charge PSU.

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

The smartphone has four main cameras. The main module received the same matrix as the ultra-wide-angle OnePlus 8 Pro. This is a 48MP Sony IMX586. The lens of this sensor received six lenses, and the aperture is f / 1.75.

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The second camera is an ultra wide angle camera with a 119 ° angle of view. Resolution – 8 Mp, aperture – f / 2.25.

Further, there are two stupid modules (they are stupid absolutely everywhere): a 2 megapixel macro, and a 5 megapixel depth-of-field sensor. The first camera does not have enough resolution to satisfy the quality of users, and the second is needed to blur the background when shooting portraits – other OnePlus smartphones somehow cope without it. That is, there are two real cameras here, and the rest are purely for quantity.

There are also two front cameras. 32MP wide-angle with f / 2.5, and ultra-wide-angle with a similar aperture and 105 ° 8MP angle of view for capturing you with your friends. It's a good set of lenses: my second Google Pixel 3 has a similar set, and I really like it.

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

Prices and terms

In Europe, the smartphone will go on sale on 4 August. The prices are as follows:

Version 8/128: 399 € (somewhere around 32.5 thousand rubles);
Version 12/256: 499 € (about 41 thousand rubles).

In India, prices are lower:

6/64: 24 999 ₹ (approximately 292 € or 23 800 rubles) – will be launched in September only in gray;
8/128: 27 999 ₹ (approximately 327 € or 26 700 rubles);
12/256: 29 999 ₹ (approximately 350 € or 28 500 rubles).

Russia is on the list, but prices and exact dates have not yet been announced.

A year ago, in my review of the OnePlus 7 Pro, which caused a lot of discontent among fans of the brand, I wrote that the brand needs mid-budget smartphones. The fact is that the difference between the usual "seven" and its Pro-version is not obvious at all. A couple of days later, Realme X came out, which could well have been a more understandable solution for the brand:

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What OnePlus 7 was supposed to be: Realme X presented

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

Ilya Kichaev

15 May 2019

But not much time passed and I was right: the company needed this smartphone, and it released it. The price is very nice. Moreover, there is the vaunted and beloved by many OxygenOS.

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

A month ago, rumors about the cost of a smartphone hit the Internet:


OnePlus will show a smartphone for 300 €. Forget about OnePlus 8

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

Ilya Kichaev

8 June 2020

I made a provocative statement in the headline that 1 + 8 is not needed. Not everything said in that text was confirmed, but the positioning of the usual G8 is still incomprehensible to me: it's just a smartphone, which is worse than a pro in some things. It only exists to be cheaper than the 8 Pro.

OnePlus Nord unveiled: it's realme, but with OxygenOS

The Nord is a different matter: its positioning is very clear. It exists to be sold in markets where OnePlus has gone further and further every year – the market for devices for 400-500 euros. And that's great.

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