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One of the first Apple computer put up for auction for 19 million roubles

One of the first Apple computers, released in 1976, will be auctioned off at the auction house Team Breke. The starting price of the Apple-1 – £262 000, which at the current exchange rate is about 19 million roubles.

Bulky by today’s standards, the Apple-1 was established in 1976 in the garage conditions Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak and sold for the price of 666 dollars 66 cents per share. Initially the car was equipped with a processor with a frequency of 1 MHz memory 4 KB with a possible increase to 48 KB, but without a monitor, power supply and even without the closed shell.

Today representatives working Apple 1 worldwide only eight pieces. The auction model is preserved in full working order. It sells a sole owner, a computer engineer from Berkeley, California. Buyers will be offered the original documentation, proof of purchase, original copy of the letter from the technical support service of Apple and record telephone calls with the voices of the founders of the company.

Auction will be held in Cologne on may 20.

Recall that in June 2012, one of the Apple-1 was sold at Sotheby’s auction for $374 500 and the end of 2010, auction house Christie’s sold the device for $213 000, and this model had some non-original components, but it was a letter written personally by Steve jobs. The special value of the car given the fact that it was in working condition. In 2014, the Apple-1 was sold at auction in Germany for a record $671 400.

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