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One of the best mobile quests Lifeline first became free in the App Store

Studio 3 Minute Games have announced that the sci-Fi adventure quest Lifeline for the first time becomes free. Debuted last year the project can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Lifeline is a text adventure, which received positive reviews from the players. The genre was quite popular in the past, when graphics in games did not go and now remains quite curious. Especially if the story and plotline on top. And here they are, believe me, is beyond praise.

Gamers have to play themselves. On a smartphone you receive a message from an unknown person asking you to respond. Not respond you may not, but your every action will be accompanied by choice. The person who is trying to contact you — the Intern space station. On the way to Venus, his ship was wrecked on one of its moons. It seems that only he survived.

I want to retell the whole story, but then you will not be so interesting to play. Tellingly: Lifeline successfully employ Apple Watch, allowing you to communicate with Taylor is the protagonist of the game — even with hours. The application also uses interactive notifications: you can tell Taylor what to do, right from the lock screen.

Of course, the Apple Watch is not required. In the beginning of the game you say, do you have them, and the app builds on this in the future.

The game has a great soundtrack, and the quest itself is done at the highest level. You have to hold Taylor in many places on the satellite of Venus and to understand what actually happened.

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Download Lifeline for iOS 8.0 and above at this link.

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