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One of the best apps for shooting video Spark Camera became temporarily free

The number of apps in the App Store is growing by leaps and bounds. For eight years, the service has accumulated over one million games and apps. Among the hundreds of thousands of items difficult to choose useful and interesting, and if there are any, often they are paid. In the framework of “app of the week Apple selects a paid development and makes them free. This time temporary free has become one of the best mobile cameras called Spark.

Spark Camera features several unique features. First: simple and concise design, perfectly matches the iOS interface. Secondly, the application includes the original shooting system that combines the capabilities of Instagram and Vine. Finally, add to this the possibility of inserting soundtracks – and you have the perfect tool for creating unique videos.

Open Spark Camera, the first thing you get to the first screen for shooting video. Management basic, just touch your finger anywhere and the entry went. To stop capturing, or rather, to put it on pause, tap on the screen and the recording pauses. The app waits until you can use it.

After recording it’s time to start installation, the process is as simplified to the utmost. Click on the button “Save” and get the screen preview. Here you can horizontal swipe to select filters. After selecting the desired stored video. We can add points to an existing project. After editing is complete, the finished result can be shared on social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and also email or iMessage.

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This is absolutely brilliant camera cost 149 rubles more than pays for spent money on it. Now you can download it for free. Why not?

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