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One of six working Apple I computers was sold for 20.5 million rubles

Last week held an auction Christie’s, which was sold to a rare item: one of the six surviving working computers, the Apple I. the cost of the machine amounted to $355 000 (approximately 20.5 million).

Strictly speaking, this is not a PC in the modern sense, and the motherboard in makeshift housing. The computers were assembled by hand co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, while their promotion was doing jobs. In the distant July of 1976 the Apple I went on sale at the price of $666,66.

The high price of the Mac have long been the subject of criticism and complaints from users. But it so happened historically. In fact, if you consider inflation, the Apple I cost today would be even more expensive than the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with a screen diagonal of 17 inches.

The price of 666 dollars 66 cents were not installed because of some satanic reasons, but from a practical point of view, and Wozniak once explained it at a press conference. “I was into repeating digits,” said he. Wozniak explained that the wholesale price of the computer was $500, and adding trade margins lifted it to a level of $667. He turned the price of a recurring figure 6 ($666,66), which is simply “easier to type on the keyboard”.

These bulky devices, the predecessors of today’s iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones had tiny by today’s standards the memory is only 8 KB, which is more than half a million times less than in modern home computers.

In all there were about 200 such machines, while popular in the market, they did not use. To date, survived only 66 original Apple I. Of these, only six kept working to the present day.

It should be noted that $355 000 – far from the record amount paid for the first Apple computer. The previous three Apple I was sold for $626 967 (about 36.5 million rubles), $664 260 (38.5 million roubles) and us $905 000 (about 52.5 million rubles).

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