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ONDOC announced a campaign with free digitization of medical records

MacDigger have already told you about a free service and mobile application for monitoring the health ONDOC for iOS. We were holding a free medical document digitization in April, and were very glad about your interest in the service. Today the developers announced share: for those users who have downloaded the app from 30 to 31 may, the account will be R. 59, which will pay the digitization of medical document.

ONDOC is not just electronic medical records. The application helps to use data from Health. All “smart” devices, such as a fitness wristband and app for running and measure pulse accumulate huge amount of data about your health in Apple Health. But few know what to do with all these data.

ONDOC integrated with Apple Health, allows you to share the findings with your doctor. This will help to maintain health and to prevent dangerous diseases through accurate and early diagnosis. All data from third-party apps integrated with Apple Health, is available not only in application but also on the website ONDOC.

ONDOC allows you to collect and store all medical information in one profile, and not to pay multiple times for the same survey. It often happens that the clinic your medical records do not even give you a hand. And you know neither diagnosis nor transcripts of your tests.

Transferring your medical records into electronic form and always keep them handy enough to use the digitization from ONDOC. All medical data will be stored on secure servers and will be available in electronic form not only from the free app, but also from the site.

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For those who do not have time to use the action last time, ONDOC offers free digitizing medical document. This is a great opportunity for readers MacDigger begin to electronic medical records now and forever to save important data.

If you download the app ONDOC from 30 to 31 may, the account is R. 59, which you can pay for the digitization of medical document. To do this, go to a Medical card and select the Processing tab of documents. Then upload the photos to the desired survey. Soon all information will appear in your profile ONDOC.

Download ONDOC for iPhone is available for free at this link.

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