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On YouTube found the solution to the problem with vertical viewing video on smartphones

In 2012, appeared on YouTube comic video Vertical Video Syndrome — A PSA, where the dolls talked about patients “vertical video syndrome”. Comedy sketch quickly became a hit in the English-speaking Internet, and since it looked almost 6.5 million times. The essence of the claims of the authors of the movie is simple: most of the screens are horizontal, and no matter how hard people who shoot video in portrait orientation, it would still look bad — not least because people’s eyes have arranged horizontally rather than vertically.

Call the video’s authors was largely a joke, but he called the Internet a serious discussion. Many agreed that the people making vertical videos, you need to retrain, and the creators of mobile apps, disable vertical shooting. Three years later, Google offered a solution to this problem.

New version of mobile YouTube client has received the support of vertical play videos in full screen mode. While the smartphone does not need to flip – video is displayed in full screen. The black bars just disappear, and the video can be viewed exactly as it was removed by the author.

I must say that not all Internet users agree that vertical videos are a source of evil. Although no one denies that vertical videos look awful on conventional screens, their existence is not surprising. We almost always keep the smartphone in a vertical position, their ergonomics and interface of mobile operating systems designed to work in this orientation. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that people are shooting video portrait: this is an intuitive way, especially for owners of phablets.

Anyway, the YouTube app with support for vertical video is already available for the Android platform. In the near future is expected to release a client with the same functionality for iOS devices.

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