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On the YouTube channel of Apple promo videos iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3

Yesterday, on September 12, Apple unveiled three new iPhone and an updated version of smart hours Apple Watch. Promo videos from the presentation are already available on the YouTube channel of the company.

Together with the is iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Apple has posted a touching video of “Dear Apple” where Apple Watch users tell the use of “smart” hours that would change their lives.

Recording of the presentation as a whole will appear on the channel later. However, for those who want to see new, short videos are available at the time.

At the presentation in the “Theater of Steve jobs,” Tim cook said, what will be the new iPhone and the third generation of smart watches is different from the previous models.

8/8 iPhone Plus will be available from September 22. Pre-order the new items will open this Friday, September 15. Jubilee iPhone X will be delayed until 3 November, pre-order the smartphone will be on October 27.

The third generation of Apple Watch will be available from September 29.

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