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On the Russian TV channel showed how to charge iPhone with the help of medical masks [video]

On the TV channel “Mir” in the program “180 minutes of Breakfast news” presenter said, how to charge an iPhone in an awkward place with the help of medical masks. The author of “technology” is Svetlana Kosorenkova.

Presenter invited the audience to simulate the situation in which they put on the charging mobile telephone, but the gadget is on the floor or in “limbo” because of the bad location of the outlet. As a solution to this problem, according to Lenta, it is advised to use a face mask: it must be hung on the PSU and then put it in the phone. According to the leader, medical bandage will not fall off with the chargers “under the influence of gravity”.

It is worth noting that a few years ago to charge your iPhone using the mask suggested by the Italian joão Paulo Lammoglia. He developed a device called AIRE. The mask fits over the head of the person and converts your breath into electricity. To obtain energy in this way, the device contains many small wind turbines. AIRE was proposed to use during sleep or active sports.

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