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On the issue of “smart” chargers UsBidi a few days has collected 10 times more than needed

The Kickstarter record-breaking pace is fundraising on battery charger for smartphones and tablets called UsBidi. Within days the project has collected 355 000 $ 35 000 is needed to start production of new model.

As the developers say, UsBidi is “the the world’s smartest battery charger”. It offers the convenience and reliability, speeds up charging gadgets, so saves time and battery power. The rate of charging from a computer USB port using the device doubled.

Once the mobile device is charged, UsBidi automatically stops charging. This avoids overheating and repetitive short-term cycles “discharge-charge” that reduces the battery life, as stated in the description of the gadget.

On the current status instantly allows you to judge the led indicator, combined with the connector. The magnetic fastening provides a secure fit of the connector, and the bright appearance is pleasing to the eye.

Available to order choice between option UsBidi with Lightning connector for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and micro-USB for devices running Android. The user can select the most suitable cable length of 0.3, 0.9 or 1.8 m.

The minimum Deposit on UsBidi was 16 Australian dollars, but these lots have already ended. At the moment you can leave a pre-order at the price of 18 dollars.

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