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On the issue of minimalist coasters and a set of plugs for MacBook collected almost twice the required amount

On the website Kickstarter succeeds at raising funds for an original accessory for the MacBook folding prop and a set of plugs for the connectors. A set called MacBook Mate twice exceeded the plan for the money, gathered for three weeks to about $20 000.

Slim and lightweight support raises far from the user side of the laptop 3 cm, which makes using the computer more comfortable. Foldable design accessory almost does not increase the size and weight of the laptop. To the housing it is secured with adhesive that leaves no residue after peeling away.

Retail support is expected to sell for $ 25. The first participants of the fundraiser can get your copy for $ 16.

As for the plugs, they prevent plugging of the connectors. They are made from aluminum and equipped with rubber seals. According to the developers, the plugs are doing looks more aesthetic. The shape of the accessory allows you to easily remove it from the connector if necessary.

To order a set of plugs at the price of about $40, the cost for participants Kickstarter is $30. Together with the support of the plugs you can get for $37.

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