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On Kickstarter collect money for a windscreen for a microphone EarPods [video]

Although the complete MIC earphone for iPhone is not quite bad, enough for talking on the phone in some environments, its properties deteriorate. For example, on the street or in a strong wind. The developers of the project Formthesolution proposed a solution in the form of an accessory Xpuff.

Xpuff is a miniature microphone windscreen, made of an acoustically permeable foam material and reduce the effect of undesirable breath or wind noise without losing sound quality. The new product is especially effective when speaking close into the microphone, or when using the EarPods in the open air.

Xpuff worn over the remote control directly on the Apple wired headphones. The accessory consists of three main components – the windscreen is made of soft foam and two plastic linings. Last hold the foam on the cable.

The creators of the project emphasize that the product does not prevent to use the remote, EarPods. The owners Xpuff can easily switch tracks, control sound volume, answer calls.

Formthesolution collects funds for the release of Xpuff on the website Kickstarter. To preorder the device for as little as $9. A choice of models in four colors.

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