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On Kickstarter collect money for a case for iPhone with built-in selfie stick [video]

Today nobody will be surprised man photographing himself on a smartphone using a long folding rod. But a few years ago people did not even interested in rampant photographing themselves. Really popular selfie sticks, of course, made smartphones.

The developers of Stikbox Israeli startup has created a case for iPhone that allows you to shoot self-portraits, using for this purpose a separate tripod. The special design of the accessory – rear panel consists of aluminum blocks provides an opportunity for the lovers of photos in a matter of seconds to lay out the monopod for shooting selfies.

Accessory intended for enthusiasts to attract attention in social networks, has the dimensions of a standard case and weighs 130 g. Thanks Stikbox self-portrait will be more interesting, and the camera lens can fit more people, the developers.

“To take the selfie today, still fashionable while doing them with this here stick is even trendier,” said the company. Using Stikbox convenient to make selfie, lead capturing or shooting concerts, to do group shots.

Money to run Stikbox collects on the site Kickstarter. To start mass production of the accessory they will need £33 000. First users can acquire the accessory, compatible with iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone 6/6s Plus and costs £19 in the sale, he will go for £29

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